Home Learning 2020

Meet Your Teacher for September 2020

Normally we would be working with our new teachers in our transition weeks but due to the COVID-19 we can't do that this year but here is a message from your new teacher for September 2020

National Sunglasses Day - The children!

National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative date held annually on June 27 celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays. This year after the staff wore theirs the children were set the challenge to send in their photos to celebrate this day.

National Sunglasses Day

This video was created by the staff at school to highlight the need to take care of your eyes when out in the bright sunshine. The challenge was set to see if the children could wear their glasses!

#26 Tap Challenge

On the run up to the London Marathon charities publicised the fact that due it's cancellation they would lose some of the funds that they would normally raise at the event. As a result many people were giving challenges using the digits 2 and 6. This one was from the Ruth Strauss Foundation and was linked to a cricket challenge.

Home Learning COVID-19 Week Fourteen

This was collection of Photos and videos from week fourteen of the temporary closure of schools that started on March 23rd 2020. This week we would have been getting ready for sports day in school so lot's of children were practicing at home and getting involved in different science and creative work.

Home Learning COVID-19 Week Thirteen

This week was all about animals, creatures, creativity and mysterious eggs! The children this week were finding out all about different animals and plants and even having a go at creating their own.

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Playing on the TV's in School!

Year 6 Transition

During our two transition weeks we produced work centred around the Pope’s letter ‘A message for the Future’. We focused on what makes our world a wonderful place and what we need to do to preserve it.

What a waste year 4

Year 1 Transition 2019

The FS2 children took part in a great transition project all about looking after our environment with their new Year 1 teachers.

Y4 Sound Experiment

This is from the science learning on sound and how sound is creates and travels. The learning was linked to music through the playing of the snare drum and used rice to show the children the effects of sound.

Save the whale shark

The final piece of work produced by two Y6 children after their project on Endangered Animals. The children researched and wrote all of the information and then used ICT to present their work and interest their audience to raise awareness of their chosen animal By Sam and Finnlay

Transition Year 2

During our transition to year 2, we spent time considering the impact of our lifestyles on the wider world and how we can change our habits and attitudes in order help protect and preserve our environment.

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